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Respecting Choices First Steps® facilitator content:

  • PowerPoint Presentation, Presentation Form, and ACP Facilitator Log
    The Honoring Your Wishes PowerPoint presentation is available for you to use for presentations. After giving a presentation, please complete the presentation form and send it to You are welcome to use the ACP Facilitator Log to assist you in documenting your ACP discussions.
  • Honoring Your Wishes Health Care Directive in Spanish
    The Honoring Your Wishes Health Care Directive in Spanish, Directiva del cuidado de salud, is available for your use.  Please read Guidelines for ACP Facilitators: Utilizing the Honoring Your Wishes Health Care Directive Translated into Spanish before completing the document with Spanish-speaking participants.
  • Honoring Your Wishes Health Care Declaration
    On rare occasion, you may work with someone who does not want to complete the HYW Health Care Directive or another document to select a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. However, the person wants to have their health care preferences documented. The Health Care Declaration form has been developed for this purpose.
  • Contacting Medical Records at UIHC or Mercy Iowa City
    If the person with whom you are working would like to send a Health Care Directive to UIHC or Mercy Iowa City, options are provided by clicking Contacting Medical Records.
  • My Wishes After I Die: Ceremonial Planning
    In addition to developing a health care directive during a facilitated discussion, a person may state that he or she would like to document ceremonial preferences upon death. To address this request, Honoring Your Wishes has created the form My Wishes After I Die: Ceremonial Planning.

Respecting Choices First Steps and Last Steps® facilitator content:

Johnson County Respecting Choices Last Steps® facilitator content:

Thank you for your commitment to advance care planning.




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